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The United States ordered to stop selling plastic food containers containing nano silver

the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ordered a New Jersey company to stop selling its plastic food storage containers because they contain nano silver, an unregistered pesticide

the company named pathway Investment Corp. said that the antibacterial properties of nano silver can inhibit the growth of mold, fungi and bacteria and reduce the probability of food spoilage. However, federal regulations expressly prohibit enterprises from making such product publicity, and the products must first undergo formal testing and be registered with EPA

pathway could not be reached for comment

Judith Enck, the Regional Administrator of EPA, said that product publicity to inhibit or eliminate mold, fungi and bacteria must be automatically shut down by relevant tests Try to provide evidence so that consumers can know the authenticity of product labels. Consumers lack enough information to judge the authenticity of product marketing rhetoric. EPA will continue to take measures to prevent enterprises from making unconfirmed public health propaganda

in addition to issuing orders to pathway, EPA also issued warning letters to Amazon, Sears, Wal Mart and other retailers, asking them not to sell related products

as we all know, silver has antibacterial properties and is often used as a coating in plastic medical devices for external use. However, researchers are still studying the potential side effects of nano silver when used internally. Nano silver refers to silver particles with nano particle size. According to a study released by Canada in January, researchers' fine image of service Housekeeper will also be more popular. Now algae will have a negative reaction to nano silver and photosynthesis will be prevented

EPA officials said that one of the reasons why enterprises are required to conduct product testing and register with the EPA is that it is difficult to make a package statement on a certain chemical or additive. EPA spokesman John Martin said that one of the links in the registration process is to verify that the product will not pose a threat to human health when used for its intended use

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