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According to foreign media reports, the national additive manufacturing Innovation Institute is developing a new high-tech 3D printing technology to reshape the traditional assembly line manufacturing industry in the United States

if 3D printing technology can be directly used for industrial production, the assembly line manufacturing industry should withdraw from the historical stage of advocating new trends. Officially based on this concept, the national additive manufacturing innovation Association of the United States has only invested $70million to develop a printing technology for industrial production. Theoretically, this technology can be used to produce anything, including jet aircraft, houses, computers, remote-controlled aircraft, bicycles and other objects, which can be directly printed out by 3D printers without factories

the national additive manufacturing innovation Association of the United States is a public-private partnership that attempts to introduce 3D printing technology into a new field under the leadership of the U.S. military. The design can be completed in the computer, and then printed directly. Product manufacturing can be carried out without assembling machines and building new factories. In fact, this printer is equivalent to a factory that manufactures products. The U.S. military is very interested in this, because this printer can be used in the battlefield to print a large number of combat readiness materials required. The goal set by the U.S. Department of energy is that this printing technology will reduce energy consumption by 50% within 10 years

although this is only a basic theoretical research project, it may change the civil technology prospects of the whole society. At least, the air force research laboratory believes that this association is a pilot project. It will become a concentration camp of technical elites before UV curing, providing innovative technology infrastructure to support manufacturing enterprises of all sizes in the United States, Let the manufacturing industry become an important pillar to maintain the sustainable development of the U.S. economy

this is an unknown but far-reaching plan launched by the Obama administration to revive the U.S. manufacturing industry. In recent decades, Germany and China have caused a great blow to the manufacturing industry of the United States. In the field of scientific research and development, it seems that it is difficult for the United States to continue to maintain its original leading position. In 2011, the Chinese government invested $3billion in R & D projects, which is seven times higher than that in 1998

at present, these investments have not achieved results. In March this year, Obama proposed to Congress to invest $1billion in the national network of manufacturing innovation, which the Obama administration said would enhance the overall competitiveness of the United States. In addition, he also asked Congress to approve the materials genome ini (but the relative sliding speed of many friction pairs in modern mechanical equipment is quite high) and the advanced manufacturing partnership (advanced manufacturing partnership) to make the commercialization of cutting-edge materials faster, cheaper and more predictable through cooperation with private enterprises

these proposals of Obama were finally opposed by the US Congress and reached an impasse. At present, only this pilot project and implementation plan have been approved

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