The hottest US intends to recruit Russian hackers

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According to the global times, John Aquila, an adviser to President Obama, recently said that the U.S. government plans to recruit nearly 100 famous hackers around the world to deal with cyber attacks launched by terrorists, while helping to develop a security system to protect government agencies. John emphasized that Russian hackers are the best choice. Russian hackers also showed great interest in the olive branch extended by the United States

according to the Russian "news" 17, John accused the US Department of defense of investing a lot of money in the construction of useless aircraft carriers, tanks and aircraft, while ignoring the role of network warfare. John said, "the United States has fallen far behind other world powers in the world network competition. We plan to build a British like Bletchley Park (the location of a allied password cracking center during World War II) and recruit Russian and Asian hackers to work for us. Because they are the best in the world. I have begun to contact some famous hackers."

Russian hackers showed great interest in this recruitment activity in the United States. Many people believe that this is a stable and profitable job. Some people said that under the premise of meeting some conditions, the possibility of working in U.S. government agencies could not be ruled out. A famous Russian hacker named "Zeus" said: "if I can provide high wages and the best living treatment, I am willing to work in the U.S. government agencies. But the important thing is that the work I am engaged in cannot be aimed at Russia, because I don't want to become a traitor." However, some hackers said that working in U.S. state organs is too risky, which may pose a threat to the personal safety of lightweight materials

in fact, due to the restrictions of many conditions, it is not easy to reach an employment agreement with Russian hackers. John said that first of all, the relationship between the United States and Russia is currently relatively complex. In addition, the FBI has been closely monitoring hackers. Some hackers are being pursued by the United States, and some have even been sent to prison. In this regard, John suggested that the United States would be more cautious in taking action in this field in the future. "They are actually human wealth"

the United States especially favors Russian hackers in this hacker recruitment campaign. Russian hackers are one of the best talents in the world. Russian hackers have repeatedly launched attacks on the network system of the US Department of defense, posing a serious threat to the security of the US network. They have also invaded the top secret network of the US central command. It is for this reason that the United States attaches great importance to them. The United States also stressed that it would provide the best conditions for Russian hackers. Jg149 (2) 003 "external insulation system of thin plastered exterior wall with expanded polystyrene board"

Russian experts also believe that Russian hackers may be the best in this American recruitment. Hacker Zeus said: "the number of Russian hackers recruited by the United States this time will far exceed that of Asian hackers, because the Russians who are suitable for this position are the most. I am not showing off, but we do have this strength. I believe the United States will discuss this matter with us." Russian experts pointed out that the US government often uses hackers to "do things" for itself. In May this year, American hackers successfully entered Yemen's "base" group, which did not have high requirements for experimenters, to fight against terrorist organizations in that country

Russin 17 said that Russian hackers enjoy a high "reputation" in the world, and their exquisite technology has been recognized by many network professionals. Therefore, Russian hackers have also become "hot goods" of many national intelligence agencies. At present, thousands of computer geniuses in Russia are employed by computer companies in the United States and many European countries. Ken Duhem, a senior analyst at international network security, said that the technology of these Russian hackers was simply incredible. They are all excellent programmers and people who really know how to contact. They know how to get in and out of the network without leaving any clues

the superb skills of Russian hackers are inseparable from the leading education in the Russian computer field. Compared with other countries in the world, computer education in Russia is quite excellent. The popularity of Russian brands has further increased. Miroshnikov, an official of the computer crime investigation department of the Slovak Ministry of internal affairs, once said: "everyone knows that Russians are good at mathematics. Our programmers are the best in the world, and hackers are naturally the best."

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