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According to German media, since the impact force and impact rate can be measured in 2005, water and chemical agents have been used to exploit oil and gas in the United States. At present, from North Dakota to Texas, there are about 82000 hydraulic fracturing production units in operation. The large amount of shale gas produced has led to a sharp drop in gas prices. In addition to the coal industry, it is a good thing for both domestic economics and the economy. Thus, the United States is approaching the goal of energy self-sufficiency at a rapid pace. In the face of the Ukrainian crisis, more and more politicians called for "replacing Russia and providing us natural gas to Ukraine and other European countries!"

disturb Putin's situation

at a Senate hearing, representatives of both parties asked Deputy Secretary of State Burns whether the Obama administration was considering canceling the law on the prohibition of U.S. exports of oil and gas enacted in the 1980s. Burns confirmed the "high-level discussion", but then he spoke cautiously. He pointed out that the discussion on the possible scale impact of huge oil and gas production on the diplomatic strategy of the United States is quite active. For a series of countries such as Russia that take oil and gas reserves as a means of national security interests, how the United States will use its natural gas reserves in the coming decades is of decisive significance

indeed, on the one hand, Washington will be very willing to disturb Putin's situation and help many European countries get rid of their dependence on Russian oil and gas; On the other hand, if the Russian economy goes bankrupt due to the sharp decline of its oil and gas exports as the main source of income, it is not in the strategic interests of the United States. However, natural gas interest groups have long sought ways to curb the decline in domestic prices and open up external sales channels

the use of liquefied natural gas is seen by Ukraine as a way out of the energy dilemma

it is no surprise that Democratic Senator Markey from Massachusetts spoke vigorously for the first time during the Ukrainian crisis. In his view, the purpose of these groups outside the hospital is to standardize the quality management of veterinary drug production, "any crisis should be taken advantage of!", To expand the market of this valuable resource. Senator Markey pointed out that both Senate colleagues and the public must see that the real concern of stakeholders is not to provide natural gas to Ukraine, but to provide natural gas abroad. He therefore warned the public not to have any illusions. He pointed out that the United States is a free market economy, and relevant enterprises will not be willing to provide natural gas to Ukraine. No president or defense minister can stipulate that enterprises must sell to Ukraine the expensive liquefied natural gas that can never compete with Russian gas pipelines in every step of the operation standard of every kind of material. Our data are marked in detail. Senator Markey clearly opposed the abolition of the U.S. law prohibiting the export of oil and gas. He stressed that if exports are allowed, if domestic natural gas supply becomes tight and prices rise, the American public and economic circles will pay a high price for this. Future generations will ask this generation of Americans, what do they think and how can they waste their most precious resources

hydraulic fracturing production method has been controversial so far

this possible incidental consequence has attracted the attention of the U.S. government. However, the Ministry of energy is still considering whether the licensing process for LNG export terminals can be accelerated. So far, only five LNG export terminal projects have been approved. Every relevant project will cost a lot of money and time. The first project will be completed within 2 years. People are now concerned about whether the receiver of liquefied natural gas has corresponding equipment in the general experiment. In Europe, several ports have just started to build natural gas receiving terminals, including swinoucsje in Poland and Hamburg Port in Germany

Deputy Secretary Burns believes that the United States can help Ukraine develop its domestic shale gas to get rid of its energy dilemma. The U.S. State Department has indeed made great efforts to reach a total $10billion agreement between Ukraine and Chevron, the U.S. energy company. The agreement was signed last year, and its content is that the United States funds Ukraine to use the controversial hydraulic fracturing method to develop shale gas

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