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The best interpretation of harmonious charm

the best interpretation of harmonious charm

August 12, 2005

- "the charm of harmony" he expressive power "creative photography Grand Prix announced the list of winners

the" charm of harmony "creative photography Grand Prix

August 11, BASF, the world's leading chemical company, and wangxiaohui Art Workshop of Tongji University released the list of 10 winners of the creative photography Grand Prix with the theme of "harmonious charm" held by both sides. A total of 3 authors (groups) won the young artist award, and 7 authors won the young artist academic award. The release ceremony was held at Xintiandi No.1 club in Shanghai. BASF will fund 10 winners (Group) to visit Germany, participate in the workshop hosted by Ms. Wang Xiaohui, and communicate with international photographers

as part of the opening ceremony of Yangzi Petrochemical BASF Co., Ltd., 120 award-winning works will be exhibited at the Nanjing Museum from September 27 to October 7

as the first creative photography Grand Prix in China, the contestants were very enthusiastic. During the short 66 day solicitation period, a total of 26098 entries were received from 29 provinces and cities across the country, including authors, magazine art directors, advertising designers, members of the photography association and teachers and students of colleges and Universities. After the initial jury composed of 7 domestic famous experts, scholars and professors and the final jury composed of 7 International Art authorities and celebrities, 120 award-winning works were selected, of which 10 works stood out and won the grand prize

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the three (Group) authors who won the young artist award are Hao song/Liao Wenfeng, Li Nan and Liu Jiang. The seven authors who won the young artist academic award are: Yi Changhong, Liu Yongsheng, Zhang Yibin, Liu Yi, Xu Weina, Miao yingyu and AO Guoxing

Dr. rohead, President of BASF Asia Pacific, said, "we want to pay tribute to the geniuses who created these works. These photos are a testimony to the creativity and vitality of Chinese art photography. We are proud to host this competition."

The organizer of the competition, Ms. Wang Xiaohui, a famous photographic artist, said: "this competition focuses on creation, communication and participation. The contestants attach more importance to the opportunity to participate in the workshop and study than to win the prize. The participation of more than 26000 works shows that our competition is attractive."

famous photographer Wang Xiaohui in Germany delivers a speech

Dr. rohead, President of BASF Asia Pacific region delivers a speech

Dr. Felix Grice, senior vice president of BASF Group and Corporate Communications Department, announced the list of winners

the international experts who serve as lifelong judges are celebrities in the international contemporary art community, and their artistic views and activities have a significant impact on the world's contemporary art. This time, they came to Shanghai as the final judges, and spoke highly of the creative photography competition held in China. These experts include Professor Mark gisbourne, an art historian from the UK who has written hundreds of Monographs on art theory and chairman of the International Association of art critics, Professor Peter weiermair, director of the Bologna Museum of modern art in Italy, who once served as the curator of the Austrian Museum of modern automatic completion, the chairman of the Frankfurt photography product name MVM ⑴ h material friction and wear experimental machine Association, and the main curator of the German photography triennial, Ms. Adrienne GOEHLER, the head of the German capital cultural foundation, who was once the dean of the Hamburg Academy of art and the Minister of culture and art in Berlin, Ms. Barbara London, the chief curator of the photography and imaging department of the New York Museum of modern art, a famous Chinese American art critic and curator, a former director of the Taipei Museum of contemporary art, and Professor Lu Rongzhi, the art director of the Shanghai "Bund 18 creative center", etc. Felix Grice, senior vice president of corporate communications of BASF Group, participated in the final evaluation on behalf of BASF

the entries focus on the theme of "harmonious charm", break through the boundaries of traditional photography, boldly explore the beauty and moving in nature, life and society, and are full of imagination and new ideas

creating sustainable development and a bright and harmonious future is BASF's long-term pursuit of enterprise philosophy. As one of the largest foreign investors in China's chemical industry, BASF has always been committed to making positive contributions to social progress, cultural development, environmental protection and other aspects while achieving economic success. This year marks the 120th anniversary of BASF's entry into China. BASF's largest single investment, Yangzi Petrochemical BASF Co., Ltd., a "Verbund" petrochemical base in Nanjing, has also been fully put into commercial production in the middle of this year. This year is BASF's "year of China"

German "Verbund" means integration, which is one of BASF's most important advantages. By connecting multiple production units, companies can make the most effective use of new products, by-products and energy, thereby achieving cost efficiency and reducing the impact on the environment

the special feature of this Grand Prix is the introduction of the concept of Art Workshop. This is a popular short-term teaching method in the west, which can stimulate the maximum interactive effect between teachers and students, so that everyone can create, study and discuss together. Ms. Wang Xiaohui has rich experience in holding workshops. The first round of the workshop of this competition has been held in Shanghai from July 27 to 30. The winners of the preliminary evaluation of the competition have the opportunity to communicate with photographic artists. Come to Shanghai to participate in the workshop, and the winner of the grand prize will go to Germany to participate in the workshop, which is a unique way of reward in this competition

about BASF

BASF is the world's leading chemical company: the chemical company. BASF's product range includes chemicals, plastics, specialty chemicals, agricultural products, fine chemicals, and crude oil and natural gas. As a reliable partner in all walks of life, BASF's intelligent system solutions and high-quality products help customers achieve greater success. We develop and utilize new technologies to explore more market opportunities, and organically combine economic success with environmental protection and society to contribute to creating a better future. In 2004, BASF employed about 82000 people worldwide, with sales of more than 37billion euros. BASF's shares are listed on the Frankfurt (BAS), London (BFA), New York (BF), Paris (BA) and Zurich (an) stock exchanges. For more information about Bath University, please visit:

BASF and the Greater China market can be traced back to 1885, and BASF has been a loyal partner of China since then. It is one of the largest foreign investors in China's chemical industry. At present, BASF has more than 4000 employees in Greater China, 10 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 9 joint ventures, located in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Jilin, Shenyang and Hsinchu. In order to meet the needs of the local market, the company has offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Qingdao, Chengdu and Taipei. In 2004, BASF's sales in Greater China exceeded 1.9 billion euros. For more information, please login

Introduction to Wang Xiaohui's Art Workshop

Wang Xiaohui, a famous artist living in Germany, is an alumnus of Tongji University. With the kind care and support of Professor Wu Qidi, Vice Minister of the Ministry of education and former president of Tongji University, and Professor Zhou Jialun, Secretary of the Party committee of Tongji University, the art center of Tongji University hired Wang Xiaohui to return to her alma mater as a part-time professor in 2001. In October, 2003, the "wangxiaohui Art Workshop" was officially established

art workshop is an academic institution that carries out art creation, teaching and cultural exchange in the western "workshop" way. The art workplace is an art creation base. At this time, it should adjust the gap according to the specified value. Wang Xiaohui will attract and cultivate young art talents inside and outside the school, participate in creative activities, and complete creative projects. The art workshop holds a short-term "workshop" from time to time every year, which is presided over by Wang Xiaohui himself or by famous artists, scholars and professors at home and abroad invited by Wang Xiaohui to teach on a certain topic and create jointly with students

the art workshop holds lectures from time to time every year. Wang Xiaohui invites famous artists, writers, scholars and professors at home and abroad to Shanghai to hold special lectures or series of lectures at Tongji University or the society. The art workshop holds visual art creation activities, special seminars, creation competitions and art exhibitions from time to time every year

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