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Lide Huafu was awarded the "top ten most influential brands in China's automation field in 2006, integrating the above technologies"

the "2007 China automation industry century trip" series of activities hosted by the China automation society, which is extremely unlucky for printing, came to an end in Beijing a few days ago, and an award ceremony was held in Beijing National Hotel on April 6, 2007, Lide Huafu inverter was selected into the "top ten most influential national brands in China's automation field in 2006". As the only manufacturer of high-voltage inverter selected in this award, it has become the focus of the spotlight. Chairman Jiang Jizeng of our company was invited to attend this event and accepted the award on behalf of Lide Huafu

as an authoritative activity in the field of automation in China, the "2007 China automation industry century Tour" activity aims to record and comment on every step of the development of China's automation industry, commend individuals and enterprises that have made important contributions to its development. Please keep the current interface and contact our after-sales service department in time, comprehensively display innovative automation products, and thoroughly analyze successful industry solutions. The event set up many awards, such as "person of the year", "major of the year", "excellent works of the year", "excellent papers" and so on

the event was led by academician wuhongxin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and composed of 9 well-known professors and experts from the Academy of Military Sciences, the national information evaluation center, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of technology and so on. The selection is based on the principles of being professional, fair, fair and open to Ma Zhanfeng, Secretary General of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, and adopts a combination of public selection, voting and expert evaluation. Our high-voltage inverter is ahead of other domestic manufacturers in the same industry in terms of brand awareness, public welfare index, product quality, after-sales service, best-selling index, etc., so it was awarded the "top ten most influential national brands in China's automation field in 2006"

the holding of "2007 China automation industry century Tour" is not only a reflection and summary of China's automation industry in the past year, but also an exchange and discussion of future development. Lide Huafu will continue to respond to the call of the country to build an energy-saving society and translate it into specific actions, expand and strengthen the cause of domestic high-voltage inverter, and contribute to the overall upgrading of China's automation industry

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