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Lide Huafu successfully passed the external review and reevaluation of ISO9001 quality management system

in mid November 2005, Beijing Lide Huafu Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. accepted the external review and reevaluation of ISO9001 quality management system. First, the company's management representatives organized more than 20 departments of the company's systems, including R & D, production, marketing and administration, to carry out internal audit activities in mid October to conduct a comprehensive self-examination of the implementation of the quality system of each department. Later, from November 16 to 18, the audit team of Beijing New Century system certification center, namely the team leader Mao Jianping, auditors Wang Lianpu and Liu Fang, conducted a three-day external audit review of our company

the first audit meeting was held on November 16. The company's chairman Jiang Jizeng, deputy general manager and chief engineer Yi Peng, deputy general manager and marketing director Zhou Liguo, production director Yu Jianhua, director of the general manager's office Zhang Xiaofeng, heads of various departments and other relevant personnel attended the meeting. The audit team leader, Mr. maojianping, introduced the contents and schedule of this audit. This audit is based on gb/tidtiso9001:2000 standard, the company's quality manual, procedures and other documents, as well as relevant national laws and regulations. The purpose of the audit is to evaluate whether the organization's quality management system certification continues to meet the certification requirements within the validity period, so as to determine whether it is recommended to maintain the certification registration qualification

after the first audit meeting was held, the evaluation teacher, under the leadership of maojianping, the leader of the audit team, was divided into three groups to audit each department of the company's four systems, and the audit was carried out under tight and orderly conditions

all levels of the company attach great importance to the audit work related to the quality of the company's products. From the chairman, deputy general manager, chief engineer, etc. to the heads of all departments and employees, the company actively participated in and cooperated. In order to cooperate with the teachers certified by the new century, the company also advanced the working time from 8:30 to 8:00 these two days

the final audit meeting was held on November 18. Leaders of the company and heads of all departments attended the meeting. At the meeting, three certification teachers reported the audit and announced that they had passed the audit on site

Maojianping, the group leader, summarized the audit work on behalf of the audit team. He expressed his deep gratitude to the leaders and employees of Lide Huafu company for their great attention and active cooperation in this audit, and pointed out that the top s-constant manager of the company could continue to maintain and promote improvement activities for the establishment and operation of the quality management system; The policy of profit and loss, relevant functions and quality objectives at different levels of the coal stack on the company's quality yard have been basically achieved; Top management and employees' quality awareness can continuously meet requirements, and their awareness of the importance of meeting customer and regulatory requirements continues to improve; The quality of products and services continues to meet the requirements of customers, regulations and intended uses; Internal audit, management review, corrective and preventive measures have become the first UL certified green plastic additive, and our improvement mechanism is continuously effective; The monitoring and measurement results of products and service processes and customer satisfaction meet the requirements, and the operation of the quality management system generally meets the standard requirements. It is also pointed out that the comprehensive ability, quality, workplace, production environment, process technology environment, hardware facilities and process equipment of the company's personnel can ensure the effective production of products, the reliability of quality and meet the requirements of production. The records of process parameter monitoring, product testing, product inspection, etc. in the production process are relatively sufficient, which can meet the provisions of quality standards. Customers have no complaints about our products, and the reputation is very good. We hope to continue to implement the quality management system in our work in the future and implement the quality management system in all aspects of our work

while summarizing the progress made in the construction of the company's quality system, teacher Mao Jianping put forward three suggestions for our work. First, the job responsibilities of each department need to be gradually improved with the development of the company. The company is developing rapidly, and the functions of some departments need to be adjusted accordingly. The changes of job responsibilities are within the scope of the normal management system; Second, strengthen the understanding of planning and planning in technical management. Only after understanding, can we come up with a feasible, reasonable and sound plan for the project. Third, the quality objectives of all departments of the company need to be adjusted with the development of the company. In the process of sustainable development of the company, some goals have been achieved and some goals have been exceeded, so we should set higher goals

At last, President Jiang made a comprehensive summary of this external audit on behalf of the company, hoping to further improve the company's quality management system through this quality system audit, and put forward new requirements and hopes for all departments

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