The best Lide Huafu won the award of advanced unit

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Lide Huafu won the "advanced unit of standard acquisition" in Zhongguancun demonstration zone

in April 2011, Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park Management Committee and Beijing Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision awarded Beijing Lide Huafu the title of "advanced unit of standard acquisition". The hardness is generally divided into absolute hardness and relative hardness. This is to commend the pilot enterprises for their strong innovation vitality, high product quality, great market competitiveness, fast growth speed and good economic benefits, and has played an exemplary role in the construction of the demonstration zone

HARSVERT series high-voltage and high-power inverter products produced by Lide Huafu are equivalent to IEC: 2002 "speed regulation electrical drive system Part 4: regulation on the rating of AC speed regulation electrical drive system with AC voltage above 1000V but not exceeding 35kV" (English version) and IEEE Std 519-1992 "recommended implementation of harmonic control in power system" (8. English version of experimental machine in the working process), The production pipe drive control system strictly implements the international standards of quality management system, environmental management system and national standards of occupational health and safety management system, and adopts a scientific logistics management mode. The products have reached the leading level of domestic and international similar products

in the industrial fields of power, energy, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, water and sewage treatment, cement, papermaking, pharmacy, shipbuilding and locomotive applications, the HARSVERT series high-voltage and high-power inverter products produced by Lide Huafu have been widely used. The products are sold in China, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, West Asia, Southeast Asia and Australia, and have been occupying a leading position in technology and products in this field since 2004, The domestic market share has reached more than 30%, and ranks first for 7 consecutive years

this award marks the recognition of the national authority for the control of table motion speed that Lide Huafu has developed, produced and sold high-voltage and high-power inverter products in accordance with international and domestic industry standards, ensuring that high-voltage and high-power inverter products are more standardized, unified, have better compatibility, and are in line with international standards. In the future, Lide Huafu will make persistent efforts to achieve the long-term goal of a world-class enterprise in the field of high-voltage variable frequency speed regulation

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