The best Kangde new optical film base has a yield

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Kangdexin optical film base has a yield of more than 75% at full production.

kangdexin announced on April 6, 2012 that the investment and construction of the company is also very much looking forward to cooperating with you. Thanks to the support of new and old customers, the demonstration base for optical film production with an annual output of 40million square meters began mass production in January 2012 and will be full production this month. After testing, the yield rate is more than 75%. At present, the products have passed the certification of 19 customers, and have been supplied to 15 customers such as Skyworth

the announcement said that the full production of the base will play a positive role in the overall performance growth of the company in 2012

optical film, as an imported substitute product with inherent cost advantage, is currently setting off an investment boom in China. According to the statistics of Guotai Junan, the total production capacity of optical films in China has reached 128million square meters, and more than 20 production lines are under construction

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