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Ideas for carton packaging of daily chemical products (Part 1)

although the basic carton packaging elements have remained the same in recent years, today's high demand for packaging has promoted the design of paper bags and made efforts to differentiate products on shelves. The latest cardboard and plastic boxes use unusual materials, special decorative techniques and clever shapes to highlight the packaging. The boundary between mass products and high-end products has also become blurred, and more and more products are sold in secondary packaging

main trend

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although no innovation has impacted the secondary packaging market in recent years, brand marketers and their suppliers are making smart use of existing resources. The following will introduce several main trends that affect the structure of cardboard and plastic packaging boxes:

◆ unusual shapes

"we have more and more companies that require different shapes. They will say, 'this is a gift box. Let's make some changes that break through tradition, rather than a conventional flat shape'," said Patrick McGee, marketing manager of agi/klearfold in New York, USA. A relatively new change in this field is the use of injection molded plastic end caps. Agi/kleafold has recently applied this technology to P & G's Olay Regenerist brand. The finished carton looks more like a cylinder than a cube

even without plastic end caps, cardboard can still be used to produce cartons with distinctive shapes. For example, arkay packaging produces a kind of packaging inspired by origami craftsmanship for curious by Britney Spears cartons

◆ textured materials

"textured materials have become very popular," said Dennis bacchetta, marketing manager of diamond packaging in New York, USA. "Texture is often produced by embossing flowers on a whole sheet of paper. When people pick it up, they find that it gives a different touch than standard or smooth cardboard. Although we can use the final effect of smooth or matte, most customers prefer a matte effect combined with textured materials."

other suppliers also agree. Many manufacturers and packagers of nursing products are looking for materials with different types of texture. They are looking for cardboard with a rough effect of gravel grain, a pile feeling, etc. Texture can also be produced by using coatings

◆ the importance of displaying the main packaging

has been increasing for consumers to have a glimpse of the inner packaging. "A considerable amount of money is invested in some aspects of design, development, molding and inner packaging, which can make them become carved and collector's items," Norman Kay, President of IBC shell packaging in the United States, said. "More and more, with the right products, packaging boxes are showing you an internal and visual hint you can get."

in addition,

although this effect can be achieved through the opening of cardboard, marketers of other brands are choosing a combination packaging to achieve this purpose - but there is no need to embed a plastic window in a cardboard structure with too high strength and hardness. Some experts believe that many businesses have noticed that cardboard and plastic are a very effective combination in the future

◆ flashing dazzling

the use of flashing and eye-catching materials is also emerging. Special effect inks, coatings and metal materials have also joined this trend

"customers are increasingly pursuing to make themselves different, but at the same time they are concerned about costs. That is why ink manufacturers are more recommending innovative products for litho offset press, such as metal ink or pearlescent oil with larger flakes," said the sales and marketing director of Wilco, Canada. Many people are looking for the next level of differentiation, and this is a different material, which may be holographic or silver foil

some people in the industry also believe that this year will focus on color. The industry will see many dazzling cardboard with many decorations. In addition to the trends in carton construction, suppliers are also aware of trends in the secondary packaging market. The most noticeable change is the Volkswagen that is contained in the secondary carton packaging. 2. According to the working limit load specified in the product drawing, Liu 1 leaf spring makes three strong pressure field products

a generally accepted trend is that mass market marketers are using more secondary packaging. Marketers who are traditionally restricted to department store grade products, or who traditionally strictly follow the sales level of department stores, are beginning to develop brands for the mass market itself. Traditional mass marketers are also adopting or encouraging higher value mass brands in their markets. They gradually established their brand to the level of department store products

(to be continued)

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